A Senior Send-Off

On New Year’s Eve, I got this text message from Will…

I first met Will four-and-a-half years ago.  He was a freshmen in his first month at WMU, and had just become a new follower of Christ that year.

We first met in a Community Group Bible Study that I was leading in his dorm – and I really liked the guy – but you could tell that this whole “following Jesus” thing was new to him.

Eventually Will and I started to meet regularly.  One thing that I always said about Will was that he was faithful.  Whatever God told him to do, he did it.  So, over time, as I discipled him in the faith, he grew theologically and in ministry skills.  He developed a big heart for God, and truly became a leader.  He has influenced tons of people for Christ indirectly through his service at WMU, and has poured his life into others through leading Community Groups and Summer Groups and being a part of Cru’s overall leadership.

But the coolest thing is seeing Will use his marketing skills and insights into generational issues to figure out ways to reach people for Christ.  He has certainly surpassed me in this arena – and I’m so amazed at the ways he thinks about reaching others for Christ.

Will just graduated in December.  So, I’ll definitely miss him.  But on New Year’s Eve, I got this text message from Will…

“Just want to say Happy New Year’s before its too hectic at INDYCC… I cannot say thank you enough for what you have done for me the past four years.  my world view completely changed… i now have the resources to go forth and lead… he resource to go and build others to Christ yet also I have the resources to find other resources when I need them.  God has done SO many things through u, thank u so much for your time and sacrifice… truly Christlike.

Just reread my last message and know that I’m not going to be the only person that sends that email to you… you are impacting the whole west side of the state!  Happy New Year!!!”

What a testimony to God’s faithfulness in this ministry!  All about Changed Lives in Christ!

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