Outreach is when we train & mobilize our students to spread the Gospel to those currently not involved in our ministry.  But, Inreach* is a term that we* use to talk about leading students to Christ to are already involved in our ministry.  We realize not every student involved with Cru has surrendered their life to Jesus Christ – even if they call themselves “Christian”.  As college students crave our type of loving community we think 20-30% of the people connected with our ministry are not followers of Jesus.  So, we make sure every student who involved with us has the Gospel personally shared with each of them…

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Thank you for partnering with us to enable stories like these (and many more) a reality…

4 Replies to “Inreach*”

  1. Re/ “inreach”, gotta agree it does sound vaguely creepy for some reason… how about “insight”? Keeps the in vs. out distinction, adds implication of self-awareness, the realization that one’s relationship with Christ may not be what we assumed, implies a new vision and wisdom regarding same… I like it. Couldn’t we all use a bit more insight?

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