WMU at Big Break

The students are excited to arrive in the sunny warmth!

This week 30 students from WMU and KVCC are on the beaches of Panama City Beach (along with thousands of other college students).  However, they are not there to get drunk and party…

…instead they are there to experience God’s mission and be trained in evangelism.  After the first day of talking with people on the beach, here’s a report of what’s happening:

“Last night we debriefed the first day of evangelism.  This led to a deep discussion about why we believe in Christianity – whether it’s based on reason & fact, or experience & “faith”.  Amanda and Carl shared their reasons with the group on why they believe. Eventually they concluded that we all have to grow in both (factual reasons and personal experience of the gospel meeting our needs).”

To me, the most exciting thing about our Big Break conference is how God works in the hearts of the Cru students – setting them for a lifetime of following Him and reaching out to others with love, truth and grace.

Please pray for them… for Cru students to experience God’s heart for the lost (and even for those who are down there with Cru that don’t know Jesus to surrender their lives to Him!).