Staying on Campus in Michigan

Let’s face it… Michigan winters are miserable. On one of those cold, snowy days this winter, Dennis received a phone call from warm, sunny Orlando, Florida.  On the other end is David, a member of Campus Crusade for Christ’s Executive Team.  We respect David a lot as he has tracked with us since we joined staff eight years ago.  He wanted Dennis to consider a new role overseeing a specific region of the country and its campus ministries.  The new title would be National Director of Operations, and we’d need to relocate to—North Carolina, southern California, Florida or TexasOn that cold, snowy day, those warm places sure sounded great!

To some degree, it was a difficult decision.  We would love to leave the snow, the ice, the overcast skies, the shoveling and the Michigan economy.  The position seems well-suited to Dennis’ experience and talents: setting new paths, casting more vision, and leveraging new technologies and media to transform more lives with the Gospel of Christ.

But to another degree, it was an easy decision.  Any promotion would mean we wouldn’t get to be on campus directly working with students.  We also feel like the work that God has called us to do at Western Michigan University, Grand Valley State University, and across the state of Michigan and our partnership with the Netherlands has only just begun.

Ultimately, after prayer and consideration, we are choosing to stay—despite the weather, despite the influence, despite the economy—we are trusting God for even greater things on our campuses here in Michigan!