WMU: Year in Review


What happens when students begin thinking about others?

Last Fall, we started with about FIVE student leaders at WMU and KVCC. They weren’t well-trained (yet).  They weren’t comfortable.  They weren’t bold.  But they were beginning to be others-centered.

During our beginning-of-the-year picnic, two of these students sat down on a blanket with their hot dogs and drinks.  As freshmen wandered by they invited them to sit down with them.  After a half-hour, the blanket had spread out to thirty people—all talking and laughing and getting to know each other.  They were others-centered.

And it was seen after our weekly meetings.  Instead of these students in cliques of their friends, they approached others and engaged with them.  They were others-centered.

What’s the result of others-centered Christ-followers on campus?

  • A weekly meeting that triples its size from last year and grows through the course of the year.
  • 100+ students in small groups who are studying the Bible together, praying together, and living life together.
  • 50 freshmen who have committed to being trained during their sophomore year—to walk closely with God, and to impact others for Christ.
  • Students exposed to the Gospel… coming to Christ… growing in faith.

There is a tremendous outlook for Western for the future.  We have a ton of sophomores to train & we are praying for them to become spiritual multipliers for their remaining years in college and in life.  Can you imagine the impact of FIFTY others-centered students who are truly devoted to Christ and His Mission on campus?  God is moving at WMU!!!