Our Typical Week

There’s always more to do…There is a tendency to work 24/7 in this job (which is why pastors and missionaries tend to ‘burn out’ after 5-8 years).  When looking at my weekly calendar, it has to be an attitude of trusting God to lead me what to prioritize that week.

It’s a second shift job…Most college students don’t get up at 8am.  But even those that do aren’t exactly “conscious” (nor available to get together because they are in class).  Most of the ministry happens in the afternoon and at night.

The school year ebbs and flows…September does not look like November. Though it’d be nice to have consistent 45-hour work weeks year-round, certain times of year are more pressing than others.  I have labored through 90-hour weeks in September, the week before Fall Retreat (this week), during Spring Break and Summer Projects.  It’s not the ’norm’ – but it’s nothing different than automotive industry’s annual product launches, toy industry’s Christmas rush, or an accountant’s tax season.

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