Update for WMU

Today (Thursday) we hit the campus of Western Michigan University with all we’ve got.
We’ll be spending all day doing “Five Quick Questions” (5QQ) with thousands of freshmen as they walk to class and wait in cafeteria lines.  At night we have our first meeting at 8pm – where I’ll be speaking, presenting the Gospel as clearly as God allows my tongue, and encouraging/challenging everyone with the question “Can I live the Christian life in college?” (from the parable of the Four Soils).
Please pray for us:1. That God would connect us with those in whose hearts He is working – through the 5QQ.2. That me, our staff, and our student-leaders would be in contact with many of the 4000 WMU freshmen to have some great conversations about their relationship with God.3. That my talk would be biblical, Christ-glorifying and Gospel-centered.4. That a community would develop at WMU that has momentum to truly make a dent at this university.
If you could just take 30 seconds to ask God, at your desk, to pray and trust God with us for this great university.
Thank you for sustaining us through your prayers and support – I know we will be completely depleted in energy and emotion (even more than we are now) by the end of tomorrow (with some big events on Friday too), but not depleted in spirit as we hope to see God move on this campus among this next generation of leaders!
With love,Dennis & Amy

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