In Brad’s words…

This year, I led a Community Group in the ‘Valley I’ residence hall.  At the beginning we had four guys coming every week.  In October, a fifth guy showed up named Josh.  He came only because his girlfriend was going to the Women’s Community Group which met at the same time. He had little knowledge of scripture, but participated and wasn’t afraid to speak up.  He began attending regularly, regardless of whether or not his girlfriend was there.  We also began meeting up and discussing the Gospel more in depth.  I was able to go through the Knowing God Personally booklet [note: an updated version of the classic “Four Spiritual Laws” Gospel clarifier] with him, point him to scripture, and repeatedly work the Gospel into conversation.  He had a lot of questions though… good questions.  It got to the point that there was one thing standing between him and making the decision to accept Christ.  He thought he didn’t have enough “knowledge”.  Every time we went through the Gospel and arrived at the point of decision, he wasn’t able to move forward because he felt like he didn’t know enough. This was frustrating to me, as it was difficult to understand why God was seemingly allowing this obstacle to get in the way.

One Sunday in January, Josh texted me, “Are you going to church?”  We ended up going together and discussing Jesus and also what was getting in the way of him making the decision to trust him.  The conversation was great and I could tell that the barrier was at least starting to break down.  At the service, the pastor gave people an opportunity to respond to God in their seats at the beginning of the service, and Josh prayed to receive Christ.  God completely opened his heart and broke down all the barriers.  I almost couldn’t believe it.  It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  God was at work right in front of me.”

We are to be in awe of God at how he loves students and meets them where they are at!

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