A Glimpse at Fall Retreat

Honestly, writing prayer letters is frustrating.  How do you wrap up a month’s worth of ministry in a page (or two)?  Each day I meet several students and hear how God has been moving in their life, dig into the Scriptures, pray with them, connect them in community, train them in ministry, develop their leadership, and watch them multiply their lives into others.  They leave that conversation with me – and then God continues to work in their life each day, each hour.  I’ll hear about it again – the next time we meet up.  And it’s hours and hours worth of stories!

200 lives over 40 hours.  Each hour is significant to each one… each minutes… each second… over 28 million individual thoughts (200 students x 40 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds x 1 thought per second) – thoughts pushed Godward at a Fall Retreat.  Here’s a glimspe…

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  1. i would like to add a couple of thuthgos.another possible career track for students who love to teach, is to try and become a prof at some selective 4-year college. who knows, you may inspire the next Chris Umans or Neil Gershenfeld! unfortunately, the number of such jobs is quite few (in North America).this brings me to my next point, which is that students should consider many parts of the world for jobs, if possible. for reasons of globalization, and also since CS research and education are considered strategically important by many countries, i think it is important that students get a global experience — i personally encourage our students (and esp. our American students) to do so. getting an internship at Andy Yao’s group at Tsinghua, for instance, would be great. also, one of our American students is doing an internship at Bell Labs Bangalore this summer. (i specifically mention our American students since i work in America and of course, our non-American students have already taken the international leap.)aravind srinivasan

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