Working with All Four Classes

Freshmen. Sophomores. Juniors. Seniors.

Each is unique. Each has their own situation, needs, desires and capacity. Each is need specialized attention.

Sometime in the middle of August each year, Amy and I joke, “See you after Fall Retreat”.  Of course, we don’t neglect our boys nor each other—but we simply acknowledge that those first weeks on campus are extremely busy.  Why?  Because those weeks are filled with pursuing students at one of their most crucial times in life.

Each college class has its own priorities that we, as staff missionaries, need to interact with…












THANK YOU for your generous giving and prayers that enables us to pursue college students for Christ!

We are seeing God work through us to LEAD PEOPLE TO CHRIST and BUILD THEM IN THE FAITH!

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Update for WMU

Today (Thursday) we hit the campus of Western Michigan University with all we’ve got.
We’ll be spending all day doing “Five Quick Questions” (5QQ) with thousands of freshmen as they walk to class and wait in cafeteria lines.  At night we have our first meeting at 8pm – where I’ll be speaking, presenting the Gospel as clearly as God allows my tongue, and encouraging/challenging everyone with the question “Can I live the Christian life in college?” (from the parable of the Four Soils).
Please pray for us:1. That God would connect us with those in whose hearts He is working – through the 5QQ.2. That me, our staff, and our student-leaders would be in contact with many of the 4000 WMU freshmen to have some great conversations about their relationship with God.3. That my talk would be biblical, Christ-glorifying and Gospel-centered.4. That a community would develop at WMU that has momentum to truly make a dent at this university.
If you could just take 30 seconds to ask God, at your desk, to pray and trust God with us for this great university.
Thank you for sustaining us through your prayers and support – I know we will be completely depleted in energy and emotion (even more than we are now) by the end of tomorrow (with some big events on Friday too), but not depleted in spirit as we hope to see God move on this campus among this next generation of leaders!
With love,Dennis & Amy

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Good Soil

“Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some thirty, some sixty, some hundredfold” -Jesus, Parable of the Four Soils (Matthew 13)

Students graduate. Some get jobs in Michigan. Some get jobs across the world. Some go into business.  Some go into education. Some enter full-time ministry. And wherever they end up, we know we’re producing graduates who are equipped to walk with God and have an impact for Christ for a lifetime.

But occasionally, graduates re-invest their lives back into the university— to send out EVEN MORE who’ll walk with God and be ready for evangelism and discipleship.

We’re excited to add these three graduates to our Mission Team this fall…

Thank you for your prayers and support that enables this ministry to spread seeds across campus!


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Ministry Family

On May 18, 2012, we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary.

Our hope is to develop college students who will walk with God for a lifetime—not only in their personal relationship with God and their ministry of evangelism & discipleship—but also in their future marriage & family.  We open our home and lives to these students to provide a model of a young family where they see love, forgiveness, spats, communication, affection, teamwork, hospitality, togetherness, and where Christ comes first.

We consider it part of our mission to be so authentic and real in front of these students—but we have heard that it has made a lasting impact on our students and our alumni.

Thank you for your prayers & support that enable us to bring Christ to affect the university and beyond.

A note from Rachel – a student at WMU…

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“God is the God of the Whole World” – Part 3 of 4



“Surveying the room, Audra and I both immediately looked to a girl sitting by herself, half-studying.  We read each other’s mind and walked over.  Annemarie said she had some time to talk.  She was really open to discussion on beliefs and she was honest with us, which was refreshing compared to the United States! Since high school, she had dismissed any spirituality from her life—but she said she was searching, looking for the right way.  It was awesome to see God truly tugging at her heart.

After a few minutes of her explaining her thoughts, she asked to hear what we believed, and we had the chance to share the gospel and how we can have a personal relationship with God, through Christ!  Annemarie responded well to the conversation, taking it in with much consideration, and questions kept coming!  I know that God is working on her heart!   It was such a blessing to be able to see it firsthand.” – Emily, a junior at Grand Valley State University

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